The Myth Par Three Scorecard

Little Myth Par 3 Hole by Hole Tips and Tricks

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 1 – Our Par 3 golf course starts with the shortest hole. A short 84 yard wedge over water with a two tier green. Make sure if the pin is on the second tear that you hit it far enough for there is a grass divider.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 2 – This 130 yard par three has a creek in front so make sure you have enough club.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 3 – Time to make a birdie on this straight 107 yard par three.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 4 – Hole number four is our longest par three with mounds protecting the green in front. Hit a nice straight shot to a rather large green.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 5 – This 138 yard par three has an elevated tee box with trees all down the right side.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 6 – Take time to appreciate our signature par 3 golf course hole! 101 yards over water with mounds in the back of the green.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 7 – Make sure you hit the correct golf club on this 108 yard par three. The green is elevated with a large ravine in front.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 8 – It’s all downhill from the tee box to the green on this 126 yard hole.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 9 – Finish strong with a good shot through the willow trees and over the creek to a small green 124 yards from the tee.