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Little Myth Par 3 Golf Tournaments

Vargo Golf Company features affordable house tournaments each year catering to seniors, women, and Veterans. Golf tournament dates and forms can be found on the Myth 18 hole website HERE. The Little Myth is hosting Par 3 Shoot out dates.See the Vargo golf app to see all our events for all 7 golf courses!

The house golf tournaments are inexpensive and fun. Lunch, dinner and golf is included in Myth tournaments. Download the free Vargo golf app from Google Play or the App store to see all golf tournaments held for 7 different properties in the Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne county areas.

golf tournaments

Vargo golf courses all have amazing golf tournaments. Bruce Hills golf club is near Romeo. They have a senior, veteran, and lady only tournament. Hampton 9 hole golf course in Rochester Hills has 3 seasonal glow ball golf events. They come with a glow ball and 9 holes of golf in the dark! Please take the time to visit these great courses in the same area.