Little Myth Par 3 Golf Course Scorecard

See the Little Myth Par 3 Golf course scorecard here. The Oakland county par 3 golf course is near Lake Orion and Rochester and holds junior golf leagues in the summer. It’s also popular for beginner golf, senior and lady golf leagues and open play. Outdoor weddings are also an option for the wedding receptions held in the formal banquet room at the Myth. Myth also has an 18 hole regulation golf course across from the Par 3. See that course here.

See the Par 3 scorecard and tips and tricks found below to help you score best on this beautiful public golf course.

Little Myth Scorecard 1

Little Myth Par 3 Hole by Hole Tips and Tricks

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 1 – Our Par 3 golf course starts with the shortest hole. A short 84 yard wedge over water with a two tier green. Make sure if the pin is on the second tear that you hit it far enough for there is a grass divider.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 2 – This 130 yard par three has a creek in front so make sure you have enough club.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 3 – Time to make a birdie on this straight 107 yard par three.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 4 – Hole number four is our longest par three with mounds protecting the green in front. Hit a nice straight shot to a rather large green.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 5 – This 138 yard par three has an elevated tee box with trees all down the right side.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 6 – Take time to appreciate our signature par 3 golf course hole! 101 yards over water with mounds in the back of the green.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 7 – Make sure you hit the correct golf club on this 108 yard par three. The green is elevated with a large ravine in front.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 8 – It’s all downhill from the tee box to the green on this 126 yard hole.

Par 3 Scorecard Hole 9 – Finish strong with a good shot through the willow trees and over the creek to a small green 124 yards from the tee.